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What we are Measuring

See where your organization falls within the categories below.

Program Statistics

Metrics include the number of volunteers, number of available volunteers, volunteer hours, new volunteers recruited, and more.

Return on Volunteer Investment

Calculated using all costs associated with your volunteer program gathered in a 10 minute step by step process.

Economic Impact

Metrics include equal time to employees, and economic impact.

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteer engagement is measured by asking questions regarding training, support, appreciation, time management, and more.

Special Initiatives

Metrics include trash collected, trees planted, carbon diverted, and more.

Total # of Volunteers
Hours of Service
Impact Items Measured
Organizations Involved

Organization Spotlight

These all-star volunteer programs have made themselves available for questions, advice, and mentorship.

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City of Fort Collins


Charlotte Norville - City Wide Volunteer Program Coordinator

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement , achievement , and success have no meaning. Benjamin Franklin

About Offero

Offero is a complete volunteer and event management system

Our Story

Volunteer coordinators for Fort Collins Natural Areas (FCNA) found they were spending too much time aggregating data and not enough time engaging volunteers. They struggled to find an all-in-one volunteer and event management software that worked for their large, active organization. In 2012, FCNA partnered with Squarei Technologies to create Offero—a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for volunteers, participants, and staff alike. Due to the system’s success, Offero was expanded city-wide and is now available to organizations like yours.

Offero’s intuitive features include volunteer scheduling and coordination with automated hour tracking, event and participant management, online learning and volunteer onboarding, an easy-to-use calendar, customizable reporting, and more. We believe in fanatical support and are your biggest advocates for success.

Call us today at (970) 377-0077 to find out how we can help you.

What our customers have to say about Offero:

Offero has transformed our volunteer efforts. Building systems and processes that apply to all volunteers is so much easier. I can now pull reports city-wide with ease. I no longer have to spend countless hours compiling data.

Charlotte Norville Volunteer Program Coordinator

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